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    Principle of Design and Selection of Top Pipe Machine
    1. The principle of conformity with the soil
    The first principle of design selection. If the design of the top pipe can not be adapted to the construction soil, it will lead to serious consequences. The light one will affect the construction progress, and the heavy one will not be able to top the construction.
    2. Principles for adaptation to construction conditions
    Construction conditions refer to all conditions other than soil conditions, including two aspects above ground and underground. Buildings, streets, roads, railways, rivers, dams, etc. on the ground. Underground is the depth of the earth, the pressure of the groundwater, the structure, the underground pipeline, the bridge pile, the obstacles that may be encountered, the diameter of the top pipe, the length and line of the top pipe, and the construction of the working well and the receiving well. The design and selection of the top pipe machine must be adapted to the above conditions.
    3. Principle of ensuring construction safety and reliability
    The safety factor and gear transmission mode of mechanical drive part of the top pipe excavation equipment were selected, and high-end supporting products were adopted to stabilize the product quality and cope with the worst underground soil conditions.
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